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“We capture the special moments of love, trust and faith in style and spread happiness for years, decades and generations to come.”

When Ajay Manimaran, an ace filmmaker with widespread accolade and recognition thought of capturing the eternal moments of everyone’s life, the outcome was Shadows. Arouse in 2012, Shadows Photography specializes in capturing your life changing moments naturally to let you relish for the rest of your life.

Shadows is among the very few elite photography studios in India in the arena of wedding photography. We capture the special moments of love, trust and faith in style and spread happiness for years, decades and generations to come. Our work stirs the emotions in you and let you feel special anytime you look at them.

  • Bridal Portraits
  • Couples Portraits
  • Groom Portraits
  • Kids Portrait
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Wedding Moments

Traditional Photography

Let it be any walks of faith, traditions and rituals are the most interesting part of Indian weddings. We freeze the traditional wedding happenings through pictures when they ooze out the cultural values significantly. Our skilled photographers will cover the event throughout and we breathe out the stunning pictures.

Candid Photography

Candid clicks will portray your real self and tell stories of your emotions. We bring to you how the wedding day felt and the joy and beauty of the moment. Enjoy the fun and be effortless, and we will reflect the same in the mind-blowing pictures. We truly capture the essence of the day and the moments can be relived after ages. Book an appointment and head to us.

Wedding Film

Your special moments will be narrated as a story and you will watch it over and over again. The cinematic moment of yours will take your breath away. Relive your special day through the breath-taking videos. Pinch us and book your appointments!!!

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